Tasker Conference
Updated 1/2015

Tasker uses a Webex Premimum 8 account for both audio and web conferencing.

Audio Only

If you aren't at a computer, or don't need to view or share computer screens, then you can participate in the audio only portion.

Simply dial the call in number given, which typically is
(415) 655-0001

and then enter your access code

Web and or Audio

To connect to a Tasker Web and or Audio conference, go to the Webex  web site and click on Join

after clicking Join, Webex will open a new window.  You can close the home page window if you want.

Enter the meeting number, name, and emial, then click on Join

Webex will load the client software, which may take 30 seconds or longer depending on your internet connection speed.  Depending on your browser and browser settings, you may need to authorize the webex client or add-on

Webex may open an advertisement window asking you to sign up for an account, which can be confusing.  If you don't see what you would expect, look for another open browser window.  You can close the add window

The conference screen has a popup window offering 2 audio options.  You can either call into the number provided, or use your computer.  For one-on-one sessions, we often do not use the audio portion because we are already talking on the phone, in which case you can simple close the popup window.  To record the audio portion, we need to use one of the Webex audio options.  You may also get a popup window asking if want to turn on your web cam.  You can close that popup window.