Clarage Overview
Updated 3/2008

Centrifugal Fan Design and Fabrication:  Clarage, started operations in the United States in 1874.  After more than 120 years in business, Clarage has hundreds of thousands of fan installations for virtually any industrial application. 

Clarage's specialty is designing and engineering custom, built-to-specification, critical service industrial and commercial centrifugal fans, blowers, dust collectors, air moving equipment, exhausters, and ventilators.  Clarage supplies fans for applications such as boiler mechanical draft service (forced draft and induced draft), process gas, fired heater draft for petroleum and petro-chemical service, mine ventilation and incineration system ID (1000F operating temperature). Fans are also supplied for high static pressure applications, such as in cement and steel plants, with heavy particulate loading that requires wear armoring.

Repair and Rebuild: Clarage provides replacement parts for all of the fan equipment supplied over the years through the use of an extensive archive library that contains original order records and drawings.  Additionally, Clarage can repair, rebuild or upgrade fans regardless of the original manufacturer.  Clarage has routinely reviewed the operating performance of installed fans and has engineered material and performance upgrades to suit new operating requirements.